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Here at Leicester Judo Academy we have a nice balance of family friendly recreational judo, but also some high performing Judo players attending the sessions. It is a permanent Dojo for all to train and develop with No Egos... No Politics... Just JUDO...

If you practice BJJ, wrestling or any other contact sport and want to try something slightly different to compliment your current sport of choice, feel free to come down and share the tatami with us.

Sessions are planned to develop and nuture the talent on the tatami, alongside the free practice theory that judo encourages. We also have plenty of accessories to help develop Judoka of all ages from climbing ropes, battle ropes, uchi-komi bands, crash mats and much more. We can create fun circuits for the little ones, getting them moving and more conditioned for the rigours of Judo whilst keeping them engaged with the ultimate goal of progressing and challenging themselves. For the more competitive Judoka and seniors looking to improve their general fitness and wellbeing we provide Intense conditioning circuits. A great way to get involved and maintain a fitness program by adopting a club spirit and challenge. You have set goals and work through the ranks and grading system, gaining knowledge and technical ability, always testing yourself and striving for the next level.

As well as all of the physical benefits of moving and keeping fit, strength and flexibility that Judo offers, it is also a ideal way of developing great qualities in children. You get knocked down and learn to get up and try again, building mental resilience. It promotes concentration, self-confidence and discipline, you learn about respect for your Dojo, Sensei and training partners and promotes discipline. 

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