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Craig Robbins

Head Coach & Fitness Professional

I currently hold a 4th Dan Black belt and have over 30 years experience on the tatami. I have a passion for coaching others to reach personal goals and I have recently been awarded the junior players 'COACH OF THE YEAR' by the British Judo Council, which is my greatest achievement to date from a coaching point of view. I have been very successful competing at County, National and International tournaments. Numerous BJC National Titles and the 2022 BJA English Open championship wins to my name. I am also the Leicester Area Squad Head Coach and look to fulfil my duties within the area and bring even more players into the fold of international tournaments and help build a big talent pool of Judoka in the Leicester Area.

I have over 20 years Judo coaching experience and also hold a Level 3 Personal training qualification. I feel very lucky and privileged to have had this opportunity to realise a boyhood dream and open a permanent Dojo and fitness centre. I strive to combine my passions and inject fun, energy and quality coaching to a brand new facility in Leicester. My focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age amongst my students and help members make better lifestyle choices by offering my knowledge and time. Whether that be face to face or online coaching, I can help you achieve the goals you set yourself and will support you all the way 

Opening a Judo Academy was first formed in my head many years ago but with a young family I have had to wait until the right time to launch my dream. It started to take shape early in 2019 with hope of training and coaching students through their journey from novice to black belt, ultimately hoping to coach future champions.

Judo and our other martial arts classes will be made available for all ages, fitness levels and judo is an inclusive sport. I will also offer 121 Personal Training and coaching programs for anyone wishing to specialise and develop their skills, fitness or general well-being goals.

Monday - Judo - Contest Drills

1800- 1900 Yellow belts and Under

1900 - 2000 Orange belts and Over

2000 - 2100 Seniors (all abilities)

Tuesday - Judo & Jiu Jitsu

1800 - 1930 Randori (Invitation Only)

2000 - 2100 Jiu-Jitsu NoGi

Wednesday - Jiu Jitsu 

1900 - 2030 NoGi

2030 - 2100 Advanced Technique

Thursday - Judo - Technical Session

1800- 1900 Yellow belts and Under

1900 - 2000 Orange belts and Over

2000 - 2100 Seniors (all abilities)

Friday - Judo and Jiu Jitsu

1800 - 1900 Ladies Only Judo

1900 - 2030 Jui-Jitsu Gi

2030 - 2100 Conditioning Circuits

Saturdays - Judo

0915 - 1000 Rumble Tots (3-5yrs)

1000 - 1100 Mixed Age Group 

1100 - 1130 Conditioning Circuit

1130 - 1230 Adults All abilities

Sunday - Jiu Jitsu

1800 - 1830 - Advanced Technique

1830 - 2000 - Open Mat

121 PT or Coaching sessions by appointment

Please contact me for more details

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