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Leicester Judo Academy

Training Future Champions

Leicester Judo Academy is a family friendly Judo Club promoting fun, fitness and discipline through quality Judo coaching and instruction. Leicester Judo Academy offers recreational and competitive Judo, tournaments, instructional courses, and training camps. When you come to visit, you’ll see why people in the Leicester area love to train here.


What do you get out of Judo

Judo is for all ages; Great Cardiovascular workout, requires all aspects of Fitness - Strength, Flexibility, Speed and Agility. It improves co-ordination and improves reaction times which is ideal for any young person. We look to train children as young as 4 to improve and develop basic motor skills and teach discipline. Participants have seen improvements in their physical and mental health:

FITNESS: Judo training can be an intense workout, even though you don’t rely purely on strength, it takes a significant amount of energy to continuously throw an opponent or even avoid an opponent’s attempt to throw you! There is no fitness like MAT fitness.

STRENGTH: Will increase due to the additional lifting or manoeuvring of an opponent and taking their weight or once again fending off an opponent’s attack.

FLEXIBILITY: Will increase with the different positions you will find your body in and emphasis on stretching and certain exercises.

SPEED AND AGILITY: Judo will improve reaction times and reflexes, this will improve the speed which you see openings for throws and move your body into position to execute them.

Judo will also improve mental resilience to deal with challenging situations, Judo also teaches respect, self defence and increases self confidence.

RESPECT: In judo you always start and finish lessons with a bow to instructor or opponent. You help each other develop and build great friendship, Judo can help overcome shyness and improve social skills.

SELF CONFIDENCE: Judo is a great sport to manage aggression and overcome aggressive behaviours. Participation regularly can give you confidence to deal with confrontational situations should they arise and improve self-esteem.